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17 Sep 2023

A guide to more inclusive and intergenerational convening

Developed collaboratively by over 10 organizations, led by Salzburg Global Seminar and Big Change, this guide advocates for uniting generations and sharing power, explores definitions, provides examples, and offers a co-created checklist for organizations and leaders to consider in their events.

09 Aug 2023

Purpose, Power, and Practice: Shaping the conversation on transforming education

A New Education Story (NES) has become a cornerstone within a growing global conversation about transforming education. As we wrap up the Global Insight Series, we want to shed light on all the contributors who have shared their perspectives and helped bring the three drivers of transformation - Purpose, Power, and Practice - to life.

05 Jul 2023

How to Transform Education System Through Learners’ Agency

We talked with Dr. Asmaa Al Fadala, Director of Research and Content Development at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), about how to involve youth in transforming education systems and empower learners to be the change.

19 Jun 2023

How Weavership Can Foster Intergenerational Collaboration and Leadership to Transform Education Systems

Valentina Raman, the Co-Founder of YouthxYouth and the Weaving Lab, shares her view on how weavership can foster Intergenerational Collaboration and Leadership to transform education systems.

13 Jun 2023

My Experience with Intergenerational Collaboration and Leadership and How It Will Help Us Create a Better World

In this article, a student Dewina Leuschner discusses her vision for education and learning and shares her experience with intergenerational collaboration and leadership.

29 May 2023

How to Design Programs Around Intergenerational Collaboration and Leadership

Franco Mosso, co-founder and CEO of Enseña Perú, is convinced that putting power in the hands of students and educators to drive their own purpose in education is one of the most important changes in education during our time.

12 Apr 2023

How Future Schools Can Help Us Create a Better, Thriving World 

Valerie Hannon elaborates how future-focused schools adopt ideas and practices that can facilitate system transformation and contribute to a thriving world.

15 Mar 2023

Why and How We Must Show up in the World If We Want Every Child to Have a Thriving Life

This interview in a sneak peek into Vishal Talreja and Connie K Chung's recently published book 'When We Thrive, Our World Thrives' and how we must show up in the world if we want every child to thrive.

22 Feb 2023

How Orestad Gymnasium’s Innovative Design Transforms Teaching and Learning

Mads Skrubbeltrang is an education pioneer from Denmark and has been serving as the Principal of Orestad Gymnasium, known for its innovative design, methods and curriculums that transform teaching and learning.

27 Jan 2023

Google’s Recent Global Report Predicts Different Trends for the Future of Education

This article synthesizes insights from Google’s recent global reports on the future of education and specific actions identified in a New Education Story.