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Global research A New Education Story: Three Drivers to Transform Education Systems was led by Big Change and published by a group of diverse partners and 20 contributors, all committed to transforming education systems. The report is a provocation to reimagine how to set up every young person to thrive and an invitation to contribute and be part of a new story of transformation.

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15 Mar 2024

Funding for Education Transformation: Exploring Power Dynamics in Philanthropy

Co-authored by Hannah Sharp and Euan Wilmshurst, with support from Eva Keiffenheim, this article dives deep into trends and untapped potential of global philanthropy and explores how it can support education system transformation.

19 Jan 2024

Curiosity as an Inner Enabler for System Change

In this interview, Eva Keiffenheim and Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj discuss the importance of collaboration, what it means to be an effective leader and how curiosity can enable fundamental system change.

11 Jan 2024

Transforming Education Through Global Collaboration: The Medellín Challenge Journey

In this interview with Eva Keiffenheim, María Paulina Arango Fernández and Gloria Mercedes Figueroa Ortiz talk about the Medellín Challenge journey and its potential for learning, unlocking innovation and developing new skills across ages, cultures, and borders.

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    Nov 2022

    Making schools work: How the science of learning can help students thrive

    HundrED Innovation Summit brings together education experts from around the world to talk about the future of education

    Oct 2022

    HundrED Innovation Summit, Helsinki

    HundrED Innovation Summit brings together education experts from around the world to talk about the future of education

    Sep 2022

    Transforming Education Summit, New York

    The summit is being convened in response to a global crisis in education.

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