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12 Apr 2023

How Future Schools Can Help Us Create a Better, Thriving World 

Valerie Hannon elaborates how future-focused schools adopt ideas and practices that can facilitate system transformation and contribute to a thriving world.

15 Mar 2023

Why and How We Must Show up in the World If We Want Every Child to Have a Thriving Life

This interview in a sneak peek into Vishal Talreja and Connie K Chung's recently published book 'When We Thrive, Our World Thrives' and how we must show up in the world if we want every child to thrive.

22 Feb 2023

How Orestad Gymnasium’s Innovative Design Transforms Teaching and Learning

Mads Skrubbeltrang is an education pioneer from Denmark and has been serving as the Principal of Orestad Gymnasium, known for its innovative design, methods and curriculums that transform teaching and learning.

27 Jan 2023

Google’s Recent Global Report Predicts Different Trends for the Future of Education

This article synthesizes insights from Google’s recent global reports on the future of education and specific actions identified in a New Education Story.

23 Jan 2023

Telling a New Story - Intergenerational Learning Communities

Bobbi Macdonald, the Senior Partner for Ecosystems Growth and Advancement at Education Reimagined, explores the question - what does it take to create inclusive learning communities?

10 Jan 2023

To Infinity and Beyond: Accessing New Ways of Knowing and Being for the Future of Humanity

Alex Battison is a Senior Deputy Head at Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire, England. Outside of school leadership, Alex is Chair of Educational Futures at […]

20 Dec 2022

5 Ways to Connect Proximate Leaders for Collective Impact

In five years with 130 Fellows, Metis has learned a lot about what it takes to foster collective impact. These five strategies will be useful for anyone trying to coordinate a group of actors to transform a system.

25 Nov 2022

How to Implement Education Transformation

Both HundrED's global collection and a New Education Story emphasise student agency - acting rather than being acted upon and shaping rather than being shaped - as one of the key drivers and trends for transformation. 

17 Nov 2022

Reflecting on the United Nations Transforming Education Summit

This article was originally published on Eva Keiffenheim’s Medium blog. We’re in a global learning crisis that had worsened even before the pandemic. In 2015, 53 […]

18 Aug 2022

Transforming education systems: Why, what, and how

The Center for Universal Education at Brookings published a policy brief by David Sengeh and Rebecca Winthrop on education system transformation. They offer insights on […]