To Infinity and Beyond: Accessing New Ways of Knowing and Being for the Future of Humanity

Alex Battison is a Senior Deputy Head at Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire, England. Outside of school leadership, Alex is Chair of Educational Futures at Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Programme, a Global Ambassador for HundrED, a Salzburg Global Fellow, and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists. He also consults for organisations such as […]

How to Implement Education Transformation

Both HundrED’s global collection and a New Education Story emphasise student agency – acting rather than being acted upon and shaping rather than being shaped – as one of the key drivers and trends for transformation. 

Reflecting on the United Nations Transforming Education Summit

This article was originally published on Eva Keiffenheim’s Medium blog. We’re in a global learning crisis that had worsened even before the pandemic. In 2015, 53 per cent of all children in low- and middle-income countries suffered from learning poverty, unable to understand a simple written text by age 10. In 2019, global learning poverty rose to […]

How Change Starts Within Yourself – Personal Transformation Is Systemic Transformation

Romana Shaikh is the Chief Programming Officer for Kizazi, which partners with local NGOs who work with government schools to design, implement, and codify breakthrough school models for a deeper purpose of education. Romana is committed to creating and enabling a thriving life for every child.  Big Change/Eva Keiffenheim interviewed Romana at Salzburg Global Seminar […]

5 Ways to Empower Young People for System Change

This article was originally published on Jorina Sendel’s LinkedIn profile. I completed preschool, primary, and secondary education, and I’m about to complete my undergrad program in psychology. This summer I will start the master’s program “Changing Education” at the University of Helsinki. I’m on the board of an education NGO, that’s supported by the German […]