To Infinity and Beyond: Accessing New Ways of Knowing and Being for the Future of Humanity

Alex Battison is a Senior Deputy Head at Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire, England. Outside of school leadership, Alex is Chair of Educational Futures at Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Programme, a Global Ambassador for HundrED, a Salzburg Global Fellow, and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists. He also consults for organisations such as […]

How to Implement Education Transformation

Both HundrED’s global collection and a New Education Story emphasise student agency – acting rather than being acted upon and shaping rather than being shaped – as one of the key drivers and trends for transformation. 

Reflecting on the United Nations Transforming Education Summit

This article was originally published on Eva Keiffenheim’s Medium blog. We’re in a global learning crisis that had worsened even before the pandemic. In 2015, 53 per cent of all children in low- and middle-income countries suffered from learning poverty, unable to understand a simple written text by age 10. In 2019, global learning poverty rose to […]